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Drive enrollment conversions and save time for your staff by providing Immigration Officials with an innovative online solution to verify Proof of Acceptance. Give your students confidence in taking their next steps with you.


ApplyProof for Schools

ApplyProof allows Immigration Officials to quickly verify the legitimacy of a students’ documents in real-time. Current verification processes are manual processes, requiring onerous administrative effort on the part of government, schools, banks, and other stakeholders.

Reducing the time it takes to verify official documents can lead to quicker visa processing times and increase the conversion of legitimate applicants to enrolled students.

ApplyProof is designed to be a seamless part of your admissions processes. Integration is simple, our team can connect ApplyProof remotely and integrate it with your SIS, CRM, Admissions Software, or Applicant Database.

Benefits of Partnering
with ApplyProof


Conversion & Diversification

Especially in key growth markets, trust and efficiency in document verification can make a significant difference. ApplyProof makes verifying legitimate students’ documents more secure and efficient for immigration officials. 


Ease of Use

ApplyProof can be fully integrated into existing student information systems as a seamless part of your admissions processes. 
Integration means only current and active offers are verifiable.



Systemic vulnerability to fraud puts Canadian international education and your institution’s reputation at risk.


Improve Efficiency

Transparent and portable digital student documents reduces manual processing for your staff. 

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