A Trust Solution: supporting international students on their educational journey

Drive enrollment conversions and save time for your staff by providing Immigration Officials with an innovative online solution to verify Proof of Acceptance. Your staff can quickly and easily verify language proficiency test scores submitted from applicants to your institution. Give your students confidence in taking their next steps with you. 


ApplyProof for Schools

Immigration Officials can verify Proof of Acceptance issued by your school securely and efficiently with ApplyProof. Current verification processes are manual. Increasing trust and efficiency can improve processing times and conversion to enrolled students.

And now officials can verify TOEFL and PTE test results. Your admissions staff can also use ApplyProof to quickly and easily verify those test results. 

ApplyProof is designed to be a seamless part of your admissions processes. Integration is simple, our team can integrate ApplyProof with your existing processes and systems.

What we do?

Verifying Proof of Language Proficiency

Your admissions staff can use ApplyProof to quickly and easily verify TOEFL and PTE test results with the click of a button.

The codes needed to verify through ApplyProof.com are provided on the test results. You can securely verify with the click of a button. 


One of the language proficiency tests for non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad is PTE. Learn more on how you can verify PTE test scores.


TOEFL is the most common English-language test for study abroad. Learn more on how you can verify TOEFL test scores.

Benefits of Partnering
with ApplyProof


Conversion & Diversification

Especially in key growth markets, trust and efficiency in document verification can make a significant difference. ApplyProof makes verifying legitimate students’ documents more secure and efficient for immigration officials. 


Ease of Use

ApplyProof can be fully integrated into existing student information systems as a seamless part of your admissions processes. 
Integration means only current and active offers are verifiable.



Systemic vulnerability to fraud puts Canadian international education and your institution’s reputation at risk.


Improve Efficiency

Transparent and portable digital student documents reduces manual processing for your staff. 

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