Verify TOEFL Results in Seconds

With ApplyProof, TOEFL scores will be automatically and securely uploaded, kept up-to-date, and instantly shared with students. When students include their test scores in their application, institutional and immigration officials can access the up-to-date digital original on ApplyProof in a matter of seconds.


How to Verify Test Scores

On the Test Taker Score Report, locate the Appointment Number or Registration Number. This is the Code.

Enter the following two pieces of information in the Code and Passcode fields: 
1. The Code is the Appointment Number or Registration Number.
2. The Passcode is your date of birth in this format: YYYY/MM/DD (it is important to include the / symbols in the date).

You will be able to view the latest version of the TOEFL score directly from ETS. This is the digital original of the test result.

1. TOEFL scores older than two years old are not verifiable.
2. ApplyProof will always show the latest version of TOEFL available.