As part of our ongoing commitment to privacy and transparency, we’ve updated our Privacy and Cookies Policy as of December 31, 2021. These changes reflect current standards and clarify our practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of data. We encourage you to review our updated Privacy & Cookies Policy in full here.

Last Updated December 2021

ApplyProof is a trust solution, supporting international students on their educational journey.  We partner with various organizations, including but not limited to schools, ETS and Pearson Education, as well as key stakeholders in the international enrollment ecosystem to provide secure, transparent portability of important documents. The lack of a secure and efficient means for authenticating documents contributes to challenges legitimate students face in attaining their admission and study permits.  Moreover, the lack of a secure system makes institutions/partners vulnerable to fraud.  ApplyBoard is committed to breaking down barriers to students accessing education and has created ApplyProof as a stand-alone platform to address this specific issue. With ApplyProof, Immigration Officials, Admissions Officers, and Students can efficiently verify the authenticity of documents, enabling reliable document sharing and successful international education journeys for all users.

ApplyProof data is securely stored in Canada. ApplyProof’s cloud service is separate from ApplyBoard’s servers. All Personal Information and student data is secured by ApplyProof for the purpose of supporting the student’s educational and immigration journey. Personal Information is not used by ApplyProof or ApplyBoard for the recruitment of students. Originator Users of ApplyProof, such as institutions/partners or other key service providers to students, maintain responsibility for document content and consent collection. ApplyBoard is governed by a stringent and best practice Privacy & Cookies Policy and internal controls. Additional details on how ApplyProof processes data can be found here.

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, ApplyProof has in place organizational, technical, security and integrity measures to: (1) safeguard documents processed through ApplyProof, including any Personal Information identified by Originator Users; and (2) comply with applicable privacy and data protection laws and regulations.  In addition, ApplyBoard will comply with personal privacy protection requirements applicable to the personal information provided by the institution/partner in accordance with PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act), CASL Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, applicable Provincial Data Protection legislation and all other applicable laws and regulations. ApplyProof’s framework allows Originator Users, such as institutions/partners or key service providers, to have their own Privacy Policies and Notices of Collection & Use of Personal Information apply vis-a-vis their student users as the Data Controller under ApplyBoard’s Privacy Policy, which enables compliant access to authenticated documents uploaded by the Originator User to ApplyProof.

Originator Users: (i) provide ApplyProof with access to and/or copies of the required identifiers and applicant information; and (ii) ensure that the Originator User has the explicit consent from applicants to enable ApplyBoard to provide ApplyProof services, including the provision of any personal information.

ApplyProof Recipient Users are made aware that anonymized data are occasionally used for statistical, audit and research purposes, and for development purposes intended to improve ApplyProof efficacy and functionality. Further information regarding how consent is granted and how users are made aware of ApplyProof’s data collection practices can be found within the ApplyProof Terms and Conditions. Other kinds of disclosures, including, but not limited to, law enforcement agencies, in compassionate circumstances, in compelling circumstances affecting the health or safety of an individual, are in compliance with all applicable privacy laws/regulations.

Data governance, information security and privacy structure:

ApplyProof is a stand-alone platform developed by  ApplyBoard with a separate leadership team; however, it remains subject to ApplyBoard’s stringent standards of Information Security & Data Governance, including its Information Governance Policy, Privacy Policy, Data Retention, Backup and Archive Policy, and Risk Management Policy.

ApplyProof is led by Iman Hassani, Head of ApplyProof, Dr. Mike Allcott, Director of Partnerships, and Behnam Hajian, Director of Engineering. The Head of ApplyProof is a standing member of ApplyBoard’s Information Governance Committee, and chairs the ApplyProof Security, Data Governance and Privacy Committee. That committee includes: Alexa Abiscott, General Counsel, Paul Mason, Chief Information Security Officer and Kathleen Gormanshaw, Data Governance Manager.  ApplyProof has its own engineering, user experience and partner relations teams.