SAIT Makes It Happen: ApplyProof Partners with Global Leader in Applied Education

Known as an innovator, SAIT (the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) is leading the way once again by launching ApplyProof, the new stand-alone document verification platform developed by ApplyBoard. Beginning December 7, international students who have been admitted to SAIT will rely on ApplyProof for verification of their Letter of Acceptance (LOA). 

ApplyProof builds trust in documents for students, institutions, and immigration stakeholders. The platform enables secure and efficient verification of international student documents presented for immigration purposes. As student mobility returns, SAIT will have this tech innovation in place. 

SAIT’s slogan, “We can’t predict what’s next, but we’re certain that tech will be key,” encapsulates the motivation for implementing ApplyProof now. Says Patrick Sullivan, Director of the SAIT International Centre, “Technological innovation is in SAIT’s DNA. We’re committed to educate and train students to contribute to the tech workforce of Calgary and our region. Partnering with private industry to develop and implement innovative tech solutions like ApplyProof goes hand-in-hand with that institutional commitment.” 

A Digital Lockbox for Documents

ApplyProof builds trust in the documents international students need to submit in study permit applications—a key step in their enrollment process. “We couldn’t have predicted the shifts and changes in the enrollment process over the past several months,” says Sullivan. “ApplyProof will be one more way that we can reduce uncertainty for international students.”

The ApplyProof Platform is a digital lockbox for official documents produced by Canadian institutions. Using a unique identifier code for each document, students, immigration officials, border security officers, and others can view the secured digital original online. Linked directly to issuing institutions, ApplyProof presents the real-time document status, allowing users to authenticate documents in a matter of seconds.

Reduce Uncertainty

For students and educational institutions, reducing uncertainty is a high priority. Even prior to COVID-19, many students wishing to study in Canada were anxious about approval rates and processing times for study permits. ApplyProof was developed to build trust in student documents and provide students additional assurance. Over the past several months, students have faced much uncertainty due to the changing circumstances of the pandemic. ApplyProof will be all the more valuable in providing certainty that documents presented for study permit applications are trustworthy.

For recruitment partners, the verification made possible by ApplyProof helps to maintain the confidence of students and their families. Removing doubt about the authenticity of the LOA they provide can help to ensure that the student successfully completes the enrollment process.

Verify Documents in Seconds

For IRCC, SAIT partnering with ApplyProof can build their capacity to process study permit applications. ApplyProof will make document verification possible in a matter of seconds, securely and online. This will be a significant time-saver over the current process. The added security can help to ensure the integrity of the International Student Program. Likewise, increased efficiency can help IRCC meet the ambitious immigration goals the Canadian government has set.

“It’s been such a pleasure to work with the team at SAIT to launch ApplyProof,” says Iman Hassani, Head of ApplyProof. “Through their professionalism and efficiency, everyone we’ve worked with—from the International Centre and Registrar’s office, to the IT and Information Security teams—has demonstrated why SAIT is a leader in the sector. They have contributed to the development of ApplyProof in ways that will benefit institutions across Canada.” 

SAIT (the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) is a global leader in applied education and offers 100+ career programs, 1,300+ continuing education courses, and corporate training courses to more than 200 companies annually. In 2019, SAIT admitted and served about 2,600 international students from 106 countries.