New ApplyProof Partner Portal Adopted by Institutions Across Canada

ApplyProof announces today the launch of its new Partner Portal—a secure and convenient tool for building trust in their international student documents. The Portal enables partner educational institutions to efficiently upload, secure, and share official student documents for verification. It also allows them to track and manage those documents. An innovation developed in consultation with ApplyProof early-adopter schools, the Portal will improve digital security and enable efficiency during the admissions process. Brescia University College in Ontario, and Keyano College in Alberta are among the early adopters integrating the Portal into their international admissions processes.

ApplyProof Portal innovations include: an interactive dashboard, automated email capabilities, and full document control. The Portal enables institutions to use ApplyProof without changes to their existing IT or processes. 

The Portal focuses on boosting the partner experience and ensuring efficiency in admissions processes. Some of these efficiencies include:

  • Portal Dashboard: Users will have access to a dashboard to manage and track their ApplyProofed documents. Custom search features and monitoring tools will save partners administrative time and ensure delivery of their documents.
  • Drag-and-drop ApplyProof: Documents can be ApplyProofed by dragging and dropping them onto the secure ApplyProof lock box. Admissions staff maintain full control and can revoke access to a document at any time. 
  • Automated, Digitally Secure Email Service: With one click, Proof of Acceptance documents are secured, ApplyProof codes attached, and emailed to the student. Students receive a secure, institution-branded admission offer, with complete instructions on how their Proof of Acceptance document can be verified. 

Set Up Students for Success

ApplyProof enables trust in international student documentation for immigration purposes in an efficient and secure way. “The new ApplyProof Portal meets the needs of institutions for efficiency and ease-of-use. We feel that systems that make peoples’ work harder are not solutions at all. ApplyProof was developed with operations staff in mind. The portal makes it possible for admissions, recruitment and operations staff to quickly onboard and add security and efficiency to their processes,” says Iman Hassani, Head of ApplyProof. “ApplyProof is dedicated to serving international students across the full spectrum of Canadian institutions. We are proud that institutions all across Canada are recognizing the value of ApplyProof and its benefits to students.” 

With our experienced development and engineering team, ApplyProof is able to meet the integration needs of a spectrum of Canadian institutions. We have partners who issue thousands of LOAs each term—and partners who issue dozens. Likewise, we recognize that institutions utilize a variety of SIS, CRM and database systems in their admissions processes and require unique integrations based on their IT needs, from API to plug and play options. ApplyProof is designed to seamlessly interface with existing systems—and is engineered for interoperability in the future.

A diversity of institutions across Canada have partnered with ApplyProof to use the new ApplyProof Portal. “Brescia University College and Keyano College have outstanding reputations for their unique roles in the fabric of Canadian international education”, says Dr. Mike Allcott, Director of Partnerships for ApplyProof. “Over the years I’ve known and respected colleagues at these institutions for their foresight, professionalism, and leadership. It’s been a great pleasure to make new connections to colleagues at each of these schools, and to join with them in helping students realize their educational dreams with the ApplyProof platform.”

Keyano College, Fort McMurray, Alberta

“It was a pleasure learning about ApplyProof and the efficiencies and trust gained through making documents verifiable by immigration officials,” says Sandra Efu, Director of Student Services at Keyano College. “The release of the new Portal means that we can access ApplyProof easily, and begin using the system immediately. In one step, we can make our letters verifiable and deliver them to our students in a more secure and efficient format.” 

Brescia University College

“As a university college affiliated to Western University, Brescia provides a unique and personal experience for students, allowing them to benefit from our small-knit community and an all women’s education” says Amanda Cox, Associate Registrar, Recruitment & Admissions. “The efficiency gained by using ApplyProof will support international student enrollment success and build our digital security in how we send Letters of Admission.”


The ApplyProof platform transforms the way official student documents are shared and verified with students, government and education stakeholders. Driven by the need for trust in international student documents and mitigating fraud, ApplyProof enables government stakeholders to verify the authenticity of a document by viewing the digital original held securely on ApplyProof servers using unique identifier passcodes.

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Located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Keyano College serves more than 2800 full-time students. Keyano College is a comprehensive college that is committed to excellence in teaching and learning, industry training, and applied research through the delivery of relevant and sustainable programs and services that maximize opportunities for students, staff, and stakeholders, and that enable Keyano to engage in community leadership.

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Brescia University College, an affiliate of Western University, is Canada’s only women’s university. Situated next to Western’s campus in London – a welcoming, safe community two hours west of Toronto – Brescia offers students all the advantages of a small campus along with full access to a larger university’s facilities.
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