MacEwan University Partners with ApplyProof for Digital Innovation

MacEwan University has joined the network of innovators who are early-adopters of ApplyProof. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, MacEwan is committed to exceptional undergraduate learning, and meeting students where they are. Recognizing the needs of international students coming from more than 80 countries is a part of that commitment. ApplyProof’s innovative document verification platform is oriented to the digital future of international student enrolment. By building trust in admitted students’ documents  and efficiency in study permit application processes ApplyProof is committed to increasing the security and efficiency of MacEwan’s international enrolment processes.

“The study permit application is a crucial stage in an international student’s journey,” says Erin Wight, Director of MacEwan International. “By ensuring their Letter of Acceptance can be verified as Proof of Acceptance seamlessly, ApplyProof supports students on that journey. For immigration officials, having a secure and efficient tool for verifying admission documents will allow them to be more confident in the acceptance of our students and will expedite the LOA validation process.”

ApplyProof turns a Letter of Acceptance into verifiable Proof of Acceptance for immigration officials. In addition, ApplyProof increases the efficiency and transparency of admissions officers’ work. Verifying a TOEFL or PTE score on ApplyProof takes just a few seconds. Likewise, ApplyProof’s flexibility and agility means that it can be integrated with the full range of systems and processes in the ecosystem.

“Efficient and secure digital components are essential to admission and enrolment processes,” says Tony Norrad, Associate Registrar at MacEwan University. “ApplyProof’s combination of cutting-edge technology and understanding of the international student journey make it a trusted solution for verifying official documents like Letters of Acceptance. ApplyProof’s interoperability means that it will become a seamless part of our systems.”

“Trust and efficiency are the keys to the ApplyProof solution,” says Iman Hassani, Head of ApplyProof, “and interoperability with a spectrum of partners in the ecosystem enables that.” “Moreover, we have a deep commitment to building groundbreaking technology solutions for the international education ecosystem.  Our partnership with MacEwan University will support them in providing students with a transformative, academically rigorous, personal learning experience.”

About MacEwan University

Founded in 1971, MacEwan University has a long tradition of inspiring its students with a powerful combination of academic excellence and personal learning experiences. The university offers a broad complement of programs to a student body that numbers over 12,000 full-time undergraduate students, including close to 1,100 international students from more than 80 countries. MacEwan University provides a transformative education in a creative, collaborative and supportive learning environment where creativity and innovation thrive.