BC Innovators Lead the Way with ApplyProof

ApplyProof continues to expand its network with the launch of two new partner institutions in British Columbia: the Justice Institute (JIBC), and the Comox Valley School District. 

JIBC is committed to excellence in education, and to meeting complex and evolving educational needs. The Comox Valley International Student Program is an innovator that values digital security and efficiency as it grows and diversifies its international learning community. 

The ApplyProof Solution will strategically support partners by building assurance and resiliency into the international enrollment process. By providing a platform for multiple stakeholders in an international student’s journey to verify essential documents, ApplyProof facilitates successful enrollment. ApplyProof’s new Partner Portal ensures partner institutions are able to upload, secure, and share official student documents for verification with ease.

Ten additional institutions across BC are also in the process of implementing ApplyProof. “BC institutions, like our partners across Canada, have a strong commitment to ensuring the security and privacy protection of their students’ data,” says Iman Hassani, Head of ApplyProof. “ApplyProof is proud to partner with respected institutions like JIBC and Comox Valley School District. Also, having our first early-adopter join us from the K to 12 sector ensures that the platform we develop continues to meet the diverse needs of the industry and of international students as they embark on their educational journey to Canada.” 

Here’s what ApplyProof’s newest partner institution has to say about how the ApplyProof Solution will support their international students:

Comox Valley International Student Program 

“We are excited to be launching ApplyProof and the New Portal with our registration process. We have demo’d the portal and its features are very intuitive and user friendly,” says Josie Jiang, Senior Manager of Comox Valley ISP. “Our Registrar’s office is excited to use ApplyProof and it will be easy to use for our staff. What we care about the most is we believe it will make it easier for students in their study permit application process and their approval rate. We want to help their families to be confident in the authenticity and timeliness of their documents. We are very happy to be the early adopters of ApplyProof and we believe that it is going to be amazing!”

The ApplyProof platform transforms the way official student documents are verified and shared with students, government and education stakeholders. Driven by the need for trust in international student documents and mitigating fraud, ApplyProof enables government stakeholders to verify the authenticity of a document by viewing the digital original held securely on ApplyProof servers using unique identifier passcodes.

For more information visit https://www.applyproof.com/about