ApplyProof and the Article 26 Backpack

Happy Holidays!

Last month, ApplyProof became a signatory to the Groningen Declaration at the organization’s Annual Meeting in Ottawa. At that meeting, we were inspired to learn about the Article 26 Backpack program, as well as the work of colleagues at AACRAO, WES, UC Davis, and others in the ecosystem. We were especially excited by their  attempts to digitally preserve the academic records of students at universities in Afghanistan.

Each holiday season, ApplyProof makes a gift in honour of the colleagues, partners, and friends in the ecosystem who play important roles in our trust solution. This year, we chose to make a donation to the Article 26 Backpack Excellence Fund. We look forward to continuously learning and amplifying the ways our technology can meet the needs of students in challenging life circumstances.

The Article 26 Backpack Universal Tool for Academic Mobility is an ecosystem solution that helps to meet the needs of students and scholars whose lives have been uprooted by war, conflict, or economic conditions. The Article 26 Backpack, established under the aegis of the University of California, Davis Global Affairs and Human Rights Studies Programs, aims to provide refugee students a way to digitally store and share documents related to their educational experience.

“Education is a fundamental human right. That right doesn’t stop when you move across borders—whether by choice or by necessity. The Article 26 Backpack has been made possible through student leadership, public funding, private donations, and the work and commitment of people at universities and organizations in many countries. We’re grateful to ApplyProof for recognizing the significance of this work.”

Professor Keith David Watenpaugh, UC Davis

The ApplyProof trust solution recognizes that the journey of international students involves many stakeholders and many different kinds of documents. Academic credentials are just one important part of each student’s journey. ApplyProof supports documents specifically related to Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Language Proficiency, and Proof of Financial Support. By providing a secure interface for verification of such documents, ApplyProof builds trust and efficiency for students, institutions, government, and other needed stakeholders in the student journey.

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to learn more about the innovative Article 26 Backpack, and that you’ll be as inspired as we were by such extraordinary work. Get in touch with us to learn more about how ApplyProof Trust solutions can support your institution.