Algoma University and ApplyProof: Tech Innovation Building a Learning Community

Algoma University is the latest innovative Canadian institution to become an early-adopter of ApplyProof, the stand-alone document verification platform developed by ApplyBoard. Effective April 6, 2021, all international students admitted to Algoma will be able to rely on ApplyProof to verify their Proof of Acceptance. Documents that are verifiable and trusted by immigration officials will support Algoma students on their path to successful enrollment and study in Canada. IRCC is currently exploring ApplyProof as a possible efficient and secure online verification tool for documents submitted as part of the study permit application process.   

Building a Learning Community

“Algoma University is very pleased to rely on ApplyBoard to connect us to students around the world,” says Craig Fowler, Algoma’s Vice President Growth, Innovation and External Relations. “ApplyBoard’s development of ApplyProof now provides another form of technological innovation. By enabling greater trust and efficiency in the international enrollment process, the new ApplyProof platform will help us fulfill our special mission to create a globally inclusive environment for cross-cultural learning and teaching.”  

Enabling Trust and Innovation

Made in Canada in partnership with institutions from coast to coast, ApplyProof enables secure, efficient verification of Proof of Acceptance. ApplyProof is like a digital lockbox for official documents produced by partner institutions. Thanks to the engineering experience and capacity of ApplyProof, the solution has been fully integrated with Algoma systems. ApplyProofing will be a seamless enhancement to the university’s enrollment processes. Moreover, the advanced integration solution developed in consultation with Algoma is now available for future ApplyProof adopters.

Algoma’s official documents will be automatically and securely uploaded, kept up-to-date, and instantly shared with students. When students include their ApplyProofed letter in their study permit application, immigration officials can access the up-to-date digital original on ApplyProof in a matter of seconds. ApplyProof is a seamless experience for students as well. There is no additional step required for them to have their documents verifiable, and they have the ApplyProof service at no cost. 

“Enabling institutions to more efficiently meet their enrollment and diversification goals is a high value for ApplyProof,” says Iman Hassani, Head of ApplyProof. “Moreover, we have a deep values commitment to making education accessible to students around the world. ApplyProof enables trust in international student documentation for immigration purposes in an efficient and secure way. As a trusted partner, we are proud to support Algoma University in building a special international learning community.”


The ApplyProof Platform transforms the way official student documents are verified and shared with students, government, and education stakeholders. Driven by the need for trust in international student documents and for mitigating fraud, ApplyProof enables government stakeholders to verify the authenticity of a document by viewing the digital original held securely on ApplyProof servers using unique identifier passcodes.

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Algoma University, established in Sault Ste. Marie in 1965, offers a wide range of degrees and certificates spanning the liberal arts, sciences, and professional disciplines.  The university also offers programming at campus locations in Brampton and Timmins. Algoma University has a special mission to cultivate cross-cultural learning between Indigenous populations and other communities.  
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