One Place to Verify International Student Documents

ApplyProof is an online solution that enables efficient and secure document verification for study permit applications.


About ApplyProof

ApplyProof is an innovative solution that supports international students. It enables immigration stakeholders to verify the authenticity of a document by viewing the digital original held securely on ApplyProof servers.

Powered by ApplyBoard, Canada’s education technology leader, ApplyProof recognizes the need for trust in international student documents. Secure and efficient verification assures trust.

ApplyBoard has helped more than 100,000 students with their educational journey. Their engineers developed ApplyProof based on experience with document custody and verification needed in admission and visa processes.

As an independent platform, ApplyProof integrates tech innovation, document security, and commitment to student success.

Why Use ApplyProof?

Current systems for verifying student documents are labour intensive and time-consuming for institutions, students, and Immigration Officials. ApplyProof provides a more efficient and effective tool for verifying the documents of legitimate students.

An innovative tech solution, ApplyProof meets the needs of the network of partners supporting international student enrollment: institutions, Immigration Officials, recruitment partners, students and their families.

Join Us in Building Trust in Your Student Documents

ApplyProof Team

Head, ApplyProof

Iman Hassani

With degrees in business, sustainability, and engineering, from the University of Tehran and University of Waterloo, Iman leads ApplyProof to synthesize tech innovation, business, processes, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Director, Partnerships

A. Michael Allcott, PhD

Known for innovative enrollment management strategies, Mike leads in responding to the rapidly changing ecosystem of internationalization.

Sr. Director, Innovation & Strategy

Dan Weber

An experienced leader in technology, government, and post-secondary education, Dan is a solutions-oriented strategist.

Product Designer

Moe Saad

With a degree in management from the University of Waterloo, Moe ensures a high-quality user experience for all ApplyProof partners.

Software Engineer

Stephen Jenkins

A graduate of McMaster University, Stephen’s industry experience spans edtech, biotech, and high-performance computing and graphics.