A Trust Solution for International Student Documents

ApplyProof is a trust solution that transforms the way official documents are accessed and verified. Immigration officials, admissions officers and other stakeholders can access the up-to-date digital original on ApplyProof in a matter of seconds.


About ApplyProof

ApplyProof is a trust solution, supporting international students on their educational journey. By engaging a diversity of partners, ApplyProof provides secure, transparent portability and access for international student documents. It enables stakeholders in the student’s journey, including Admissions Officers and Immigration Officials, to trust authenticity by viewing the digital original on ApplyProof servers.

Powered by ApplyBoard, Canada’s education technology leader, ApplyProof recognizes the need for trust in international student documents. Secure and efficient verification assures trust. As an independent platform, ApplyProof integrates tech innovation, document security, and commitment to student success.

Why Use ApplyProof?

Current systems for verifying student documents are labour intensive and time-consuming for institutions, students, and Immigration Officials. ApplyProof provides a more efficient and effective tool for building trust in the documents of legitimate students.

An interoperable tech solution, ApplyProof meets the needs of the network of partners supporting international student enrollment: institutions, Immigration Officials, recruitment partners, students and their families.

Join Us in Building Trust in Your Student Documents