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One Place to Verify International Student Documents

ApplyProof enables access to authentic documents directly from the source.
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How ApplyProof Works

Verify your international student documents in three easy steps.
A document highlighting the required passcode.

1. Retrieve Code

Find the ApplyProof code and your Passcode on the last page of the official document.

A form field illustrating where to enter the passcode.

2. Enter Information

Enter the ApplyProof code and your unique passcode.

Accessing a digital ApplyProof document.

3. View the Original

If the information entered matches our records, you will see the digital version of the original document to compare and verify.

One Place to Verify Documents for Students, Schools, and Immigration Officials



Replace labor-intensive workarounds with real-time, secure document verification.

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Immigration officials
Immigration Officials

In a matter of seconds, confidently verify letters of admission and study permit documents.


Have confidence your letter of admission is authentic. Immigration Officials can quickly view and verify your documents on ApplyProof.

Documents digitally stored and secured with a key.

Why ApplyProof?

The ApplyProof platform is like a digital lockbox for documents produced by school partners. Immigration Officials and students can efficiently and securely verify the authenticity of documents, clearing the way for study permit processing.

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