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One Place to Verify International Student Documents
ApplyProof enables access to verified, accurate documents directly from the source.
BETAIntroducing LOA verification
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How it Works
Retrieve Code
Find the ApplyProof verification code on the last page of the document received from the school.
Enter Information
Enter the verification code and first name of the student to verify the document.
Access Verified Document
If the information entered matches our records, you’ll gain access to the verified document for comparison.
Reliable & Secure
Be Secure
Documents are secured with a unique code and secondary data to prevent unauthorized access.
Trust & Transparency
By having one place for everyone to verify their physical or electronic document, we provide a transparent environment for document delivery built on trust.
Be Confident
Know that the document in your possession is real, giving every student the confidence in taking their next steps to study abroad.
Documents Supported Today
Letter of Acceptance
A letter of acceptance is a document issued by an institution to confirm that the student has received a full admission to their program.
Conditional Letter of Acceptance
A conditional letter of acceptance is a document issued by an institution to confirm that the student will be admitted to their program if all conditions are met.
Tuition Deposit Receipt
A tuition deposit receipt is issued by the designated institution once a student has paid a deposit to hold their spot in a program. This deposit is typically paid before applying for a study permit.
More supported documents coming soon
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